I am a composer and musician and I like to be creative. I want to explore emotions like if tones & harmonies were colors to experiment with. For my song by song release I chose the title „The earth has sung to me“ since this has a special meaning to all the compositions. Mostly I feel inspired when walking, hiking, traveling through nature. Returning to an instrument what reveals is what has been sung to me.
So is all that you hear a part of who I am or part of something more?

The beautiful artwork for this release is made by Morgane (@morganecach) and the calligraphy is crafted by Thea (@thea.von.p). You can find their art and may be impressed as I am.

Have a listen to my first Album ‚Places and Inner Tales‘ for which Aria (@ariafawnart) made the fabulous artwork.

You can order CD’s, transcriptions etc. by contacting me.

Thank you for coming by.


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